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Unscripted conversations, casual exchange, diverse themes and random topics
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How does it work?


Previouse communication to find suitable appointment

Here you can use the appointment system to book your appointment.

Meet &

Podcasting can take place online or in the home studio

Whether it is virtual or face to face we start the podcast with a simple introduction about you.

Randomize &

A word or Terminology will be randomly selected to be the topic of the day

I have gathered more than 100 words from different topics and put them in a randomizing App.


Flexible scheduling


Previous episodes

Episode 1

Gamification with Jawan

The first episode is with Jawan, my neighbor. He is a head hunter, lives in Berlin and he loves the city! The randomize selected the word “Gamification“, the word is new to Jawan, listen to our podcast about what do we think about Gamification and how we tried to make sense with the limited knowledge we have! 

Episode 2

Glamping with Geoff

Today’s episode is with Dr. Geoff Milss from the UK and the founder of Silver Script. We discuss Glamping, and our experiences from near-death to comfortable to Shakespeare and European festivals and finally the oral art of storytelling.
Geoff has mentioned an app through the episode, you can check it here Caravanya.

Episode 3

Brainstorming with Reem

Reem is living in Berlin for 6 years already and she is the co-founder of a migrant nonprofit organization called Gemeinsamer Horizont e.V.

We discuss creativity and brainstorming and our experiences and how is it a both productive and self-learning tool. We also jump to different topics from agile, to entrepreneurship and even … etc.

Episode 4

Risk-Taking with Jeoron

What is risk-taking? is it a big action that we do once or twice in our lives? or is it an everyday routine? Jeoron has a different perspective on the topic yet despite the difference we agree on the pressure that comes with it. Do you see that you’re taking risks every day? listen to the podcast and let us know.


Case studies

About Me

Who am I

A multidiciplinary person with passion for trying different things and discuss them.

Sharing information is learning and learning is a process of life

I am a computer engineer with M.A. in social sciences. I have a passion for non-formal education and creative learning. I have published 2 novels, don’t recommend reading them though. What else? I am a co-founder of Gemeinsamer Horizont e.V. and one of the shapers of Impact Circles e.V. I enjoy extreme metal music, professional wrestling, fantasy, philosophy, poetry, and the sound of my own voice!

Here, I would like to combine my passion for social sciences, personal experience, technical background, storytelling, curiosity, cynicism, anarchism, and excitement for a deep conversation to exchange knowledge, hopefully, in a fun way

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